Monday, November 22, 2010

Sorry, Kodak, now they're "iPhone Moments."

One of my favorite perks of having an iPhone is having a camera on me at all times. There have been so many times I was able to capture something hilarious or otherwise picture-worthy thanks to my trusty iPhone. And unlike a digital camera, the iPhone snaps pictures really quickly so you can capture one shot after another, ensuring you get a good one without having to wait for the camera to get ready again. The camera on my iPhone, the 3GS, is 3-megapixels and has an invaluable auto-focus feature as well as touch-to-focus capability and zoom.

I also get a lot of use out of the 3GS' video capture function. While I do wish the set up time for the video function was a bit faster, the luxury of having a video recording device on hand is more than convenient.

I've posted a few examples of occasions when I was thankful to have my iPhone camera:
1. If this person isn't also named Paige she needs to hand over her license plate to me.
2. What goes on in the alleys of Sesame Street.
3. Watch out! There's a martian robot behind you!!
4. (Video) Intoxicated woman verbally assaults London bus driver and passengers. Warning: Intense language

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